Disclaimer/Disclosure: To obtain permissible purpose for tenant background screening, an application must be filled out with supporting documentation attached. Your submitted application will arrive in the email of a Compliance Officer, who will contact you within one business day to confirm FCRA compliance of your application before approval for account setup. Once approved, it takes one business day to activate your account and receive your secure login/password with instructions for ordering background reports via email.

Results for background screening reports take 1 to 2 hours to complete during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm MST. If a criminal search has a “hit”, there is potential criminal activity reported on your applicant. Any “hit” will have a required second verification at the county record source, for an additional fee of $6 + associated county fees.

Tenant Scorecard, more importantly it makes a recommendation to “Pass,” “Fail” or “Conditionally Approve” the prospective tenant.A potential tenant may have too many collections to pass your screening criteria, so we will recommend that you “Conditionally Approve” them dependent on the applicant putting down a larger deposit.You will choose one of the three sets of Scorecard Criteria. One of the best benefits about the scorecard is that it allows you to set the same criteria for each applicant which helps keep you compliant with the Fair Housing laws.